It makes me feel like this…

…to say it, but April Fools has become way too commercial.

By which I mean that all the #brands unleashing their “cleverest” pranks in the hope of achieving viral marketing has rendered the whole thing stale and unsurprising.

Except, of course, for Rogue Moon’s pivot to making lootbox-monetized F2P casual games for mobile!

That surprise announcement has no doubt left you gasping and horrified, until haha, no, I reveal that it was a cunning trick and now you feel rueful, yet simultaneously mightily impressed with my clever jape.

Such a…clever…jape. 😐

Friends, I may have written this entire blog post solely for the chance to use the word “jape” in a sentence. What a great word, jape.

– Gareth out (or am I? Haha, no, I am…or maybe not….no, tricked you again, sucker!)