Bite Me, Vampire Daddy

Holy shit.

Hooooollllyyyyy shiiiiiiiiittt.

They’re making a sequel to one of my favourite RPGs ever, VtM:Bloodlines!

And they’ve got Brian Mitsoda, that Brian Mitsoda, as Narrative Lead!


More details at RPS.

-Gareth out

2 thoughts on “Bite Me, Vampire Daddy

  1. Simonas Juodis says:

    Ohh, the fact that they have Brian puts a lot of faith in this for me.

    I also googled the company. On their hiring page–not that I am looking for a job, of course, I am perfectly happy in my biotech company*–they say “we believe in low turnover”. That makes me instantly like them.

    I am also posting this to increase your audience interaction.

    *pinky swear

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