Cults Dev Video #1

For my first Cults dev video, I thought I’d start with something utterly riveting – UI/UX tweaks I’m making to the SC engine for Cults.

No, I’m kidding, that just happens to be what I’m working on right now, and I needed to post something. 😉

When I was working on System Crash, a big part of what kept me from blogging was feeling like the work I was doing at the time would not be particularly interesting to anyone else. Who cares about programming UI widgets, right? Other than me, the dev who has to write them.

But the result of that line of thinking was that I ended up talking myself out of doing much blogging at all. Because, honestly, game dev is 70% unromantic grunt work. Spending 3 hours trying to find out a sprite ordering issue, that kind of thing.

But I dunno, maybe I underestimated human curiosity about how the sausage is made. People are running programming live streams and having an audience tune in these days. And it’s not some theatrical production, not like a scene from Hackers.

No, it’s the real deal – someone sitting quietly, listening to music and frowning at their screen for hours. Occasionally chatting to their audience.

So I’ve decided to stop second-guessing it and just post about whatever I’m working on.

In that spirit, enjoy the above video. It’s just like a scene from Hackers, I promise. 😉